Why Outsource?


OneStop Solutions has been operating in the telemarketing and BPO industry for more than 7 years now. Our customer service representatives are thoroughly trained for handling both outbound as well as inbound calls, including chat support. In Addition, we’ve also employed countless experts working as virtual assistants providing back-office solutions for organizations.

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Serious Savings

A lower cost structure and reduced operating costs bolster your competitive advantage, allowing you to focus funds on core items.

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Flexible Stang

Outsourcing makes it easy to bring in expert resources for seasonal or cyclical operations

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Excellent Management

OneStop Solutions highly trained team brings high-caliber management skills to the table - for a much lower price tag than in-house hires.

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Continuity and Risk Management

Industries and markets with high employee turnover, outsourcing with OneStop Solutions provides continuity and consistency.

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Greater Agility

Having a support infrastructure in place makes it easier to deal with change -and stay ahead of the competition.

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Get in touch and we can work up a FREE customized proposal specific to your requirement, technology and tenure of the project.


The Reason Why Everyone Is Obsessing With Outsource

Clearly, this is in addition to the lower resourcing costs, better controls and improved processes that outsourcing can bring. We handle all of your corporate needs related to marketing, sales, lead-generation, after-hour services, back office operations or administrative tasks. Our team can take on those intricate but often repetitious tasks, so you and your team can get back to focusing on the big picture.